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Ecological Forecasting: 2005 Land Cover - Level I 2006 2009 Kansas River Watershed KARS
Understanding and Forecasting Ecological Change: Causes, Trajectories and Consequences of Environmental Change in the Central Plains 2006 2009 Statewide KARS
GIS of Wild Turkey Data in Kansas 2006 2009 Statewide KARS
StateView Program, Website, and Imagery Development and Operations for the State of Kansas 2007 2009 Statewide KARS
Deer Habitat Route Analysis 2008 2009 Statewide KARS
Prairie Chicken Data Analysis 2007 2009 Statewide KARS
GIS for Bobwhite Listening Surveys 2007 2009 Statewide KARS
GIS Inventory of Public Water Access Points 2008 2008 Statewide KARS
Contract for Professional Services between the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining and The University of Kansas 2008 2008 2008 International KARS
Deer Survey Routes for KU Field Station 2008 2008 Jefferson County KARS
Upland Habitat Proportions Index 2008 2008 Statewide KARS
Aerial Photography over Jamestown Wildlife Area 2008 2008 Republic County KARS
Database Development: Playa Basin Occurrence on the High Plains of Kansas 2007 2008 Kansas High Plains KARS
Statistical Analysis of Historical Data for Assessment of Small Value Crop Monitoring 2008 2008 Statewide KARS
1990 Kansas Land Cover Patterns 1991 2008 Statewide KARS
GAP Terrestrial Habitat Map 2008 2008 Statewide KARS
Echo Sounding for Bathymetry and Fish Surveys 2006 2008 Douglas County KARS
GIS for Kansas Big Game Species 2007 2007 Statewide KARS
GPS Data for Green Wildlife Area Trail 2007 2007 Shawnee County KARS
Aerial Imaging of Greensburg, KS, Tornado Emergency Response 2007 2007 Kiowa County KARS