Biofuels and Climate Change: Farmers' Land Use Decisions

Map image displaying the locations of biofuel production facilities in Kansas. Plant locations are shown on top of the Kansas Land Cover Patterns 2005 map.


Leveraging existing cyberinfrastructure, land cover data, and geospatial analysis capacity developed during previous phases of National Science Foundation (NSF) EPSCoR funded research, the Kansas Biological Survey (KBS), together with a team of research partners from across the University of Kansas, K-State University, is examining the influence of the biofuel industry in the economy, environment and society . Ultimately this research seeks a greater understanding of the collective impact of these complex interactions on the earth’s climate.

The extensible design of the cyber-infrastructure is allowing KBS researchers to integrate new levels of functionality, data visualization, data sharing, and project collaboration to this and other research.

For more information on this and other NSF funded research at KU, follow the links below:

Biofuels and Climate Change Web Mapping Application

Kansas NSF EPSCoR Project Page


Stephen Egbert

CoPI, Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program

Kevin Dobbs

Research Assistant, Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program

Dana Peterson

Research Assistant, Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program