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The 2005 Kansas Land Use/Land Cover Mapping Initiative was a two-phase mapping endeavor that occurred over a three-year period (2007-2009). Concurrent with mapping the state of Kansas, the Kansas River Watershed was also mapped. The Kansas River Watershed extends into southern Nebraska and includes a portion of eastern Colorado. During Phase I a Modified Level I map was produced. In Phase II a series of maps, Modified Level II through IV, were produced.

View Kansas Land Cover Maps web mapping application.

Download Final Report:
2005 Kansas Land Cover Patterns Phase II Final Report

Download GIS Data:
2005 Kansas ...

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KARS is pleased to announce the release of the Natural Resource Planner, an interactive mapping website designed to assist in the planning of development projects so that Kansas can benefit from development of its resources while protecting sensitive wildlife and wildlife habitat. The mapping application combines relevant natural resource and infrastructure data together within an integrated mapping environment to help users make informed decisions.

View mapping application:
Natural Resource Planner Application

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Leveraging existing cyberinfrastructure, land cover data, and geospatial analysis capacity developed during previous phases of National Science Foundation (NSF) EPSCoR funded research, the Kansas Biological Survey (KBS), together with a team of research partners from across the University of Kansas, K-State University, is examining the influence of the biofuel industry in the economy, environment and society . Ultimately this research seeks a greater understanding of the collective impact of these complex interactions on the earth’s climate.

The extensible design of the cyber-infrastructure is allowing KBS researchers to integrate new levels of functionality, data visualization, data sharing, and project collaboration to ...

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