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Western Kansas Potential Playa Areas (image by Jude Kastens)

Kansas Playas

June 8, 2017 in kansas playas, LIDAR, Playa, PLJV probable playa, Potential playa area, PPA, Topographic Wetland Identification Process, TWIP, Wetlands

Prior to European settlement in the 1800s, the Kansas landscape was home to thousands of wetlands. In addition to providing habitat, sustenance and freshwater to indigenous and migratory wildlife, wetlands naturally provide additional services including surface water treatment, groundwater recharge and flood mitigation. While many Kansas wetlands remain intact, most have been altered through cultivation and other landscape and drainage modifications, and as a consequence, their ecological and hydrological functions have been compromised. Recent recognition and appreciation of the vital services provided by wetlands, from playa wetlands in the west to emergent wetlands in the east, has led to increased ...