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Soy next to forest in Mato Grosso, Brazil

Mato Grosso Land Cover

June 14, 2017 in Agriculture, Amazon, Cerrado, Cotton, Deforestation, Intensification, Land Cover Mapping, Land Use Change, Mato Grosso, MODIS, NDVI, Remote sensing, Soybeans, Sugarcane

Mato Grosso is a frontier in the sense that natural vegetation, both rainforest and savanna, known as cerrado, are being replaced with crop production and other agricultural uses. Mechanized agriculture moved rapidly into the area in the 1990s, with soybeans the dominant crop. Since then, crop production increases have come about through both cropland expansion (horizontal intensification) and a transition from predominantly single-cropping to mostly double-cropping (vertical intensification). In July 2006, the Soy Moratorium was implemented with the purpose of reducing Amazon deforestation for the purpose of soy production.

Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data from the Moderate ...
Chris Bishop, Alex Coutinho, and Júlio Esquerdo examine a satellite view of Mato Grosso.

Brazilian Collaborators Visit KU to Talk Agriculture

January 17, 2013 in Agriculture, Brazil, Corn, Crop yield, Double Crop, Greenness, Growing Season, Land cover, Mato Grosso, MODIS, NDVI, Research, Satellite imagery, Soybeans, Sugarcane, Weather

January 16, 2013 – For one week in December, Alexandre Camargo Coutinho and Júlio César D. M. Esquerdo of the Brazilian Enterprise for Agricultural Research, or EMBRAPA, met face-to-face with their KU colleagues as part of a long-standing partnership between the two institutions that dates back to 2005. Most of this time was spent at KARS, where Alex, Júlio, Chris Brown (Environmental Studies), Jude Kastens (KBS/KARS), and Chris Bishop (Environmental Studies/KARS) discussed ongoing and future research and product development plans.

The discussions focused on mapping the rapidly changing agricultural landscape of Mato Grosso (Brazil’s primary soybean producing state) through time. ...