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China CO2 Terra NDVI

Coupling the Annual Atmospheric CO2 Cycle to Satellite NDVI

November 20, 2018 in Animation, Carbon dioxide, China, CO2, NDVI, Remote sensing, United States

The annual seasonal cycle in atmospheric CO2 concentrations is well known, largely attributable to the preponderance of mid-latitude, terrestrial vegetation in the northern hemisphere compared to the southern hemisphere. When northern hemisphere vegetation is photosynthetically active, which roughly corresponds with emergence through reproduction and primarily occurs during May-September, atmospheric CO2 is consumed and its concentration declines. Conversely, when northern hemisphere vegetation is senescing or dormant, atmospheric CO2 levels increase. By analogy with organismic respiration, this oscillatory behavior is sometimes described as the Earth “breathing.”

We created two animations illustrating the relationship between CO2 and terrestrial photosynthesis using the famous