KARS Forecasts 2010 Crop Yields

Published on March 5, 2010 by Jude Kastens

Tags: Crop yield, GreenReport, Research, Satellite imagery

Combine harvesting winter wheat in northwest Kansas

Combine harvesting winter wheat in northwest Kansas

UPDATED 5 Mar 2010 -- Planalytics of Berwyn, PA, recently released their crop yield forecast schedule for 2010, beginning with winter wheat on March 26. These forecasts, which are based on the same satellite imagery used in The GreenReport, are regularly updated throughout the growing season and cover the conterminous U.S. at agricultural district (ASD), state, and national scales. Forecasting for seven additional crops (including corn and soybeans) will begin on June 4.

Planalytics crop yield forecasts are produced using models developed at KARS and are provided to Planalytics through commercial partner TerraMetrics Agriculture, Inc. (TMAI) of Lawrence. Crop yield forecasting research at KARS-TMAI has been ongoing since 1995, and 2010 represents KARS-TMAI’s 9th year of real-time, nationwide forecasting.

For more information on the 2010 forecasts, see the Planalytics press release. For general information, see past news item Satellites Are Watching Your Corn, or contact Jude Kastens.