The goal of the ERDAS site license is to ensure that image processing technology is available for research and teaching at the University of Kansas (KU). This is accomplished by providing faculty, staff, and students with cost-effective access to a broad array of image processing technology, including the industry standard ERDAS Imagine software, under the ERDAS Higher Education Annual Kit (HEAK) program.

What is the ERDAS HEAK Program?

The ERDAS HEAK program is a contractual agreement between The University of Kansas Center for Research, Inc. (KUCR) and ERDAS Inc under which access to ERDAS Imagine image processing software is provided to KU in exchange for an annual maintenance fee. The HEAK program enables substantial cost savings compared to past costs of the individual KU users already using ERDAS products. Broad participation in the program means lower annual costs for all. The Kansas Applied Remote Sensing (KARS) Program serves to coordinate distribution of software and license files under the site license. Administration of the site license, including billing, is handled by KUCR.

Who Can Participate?

Faculty and Staff
Participation in the HEAK program is available either for individuals at KU (e.g, individual researchers or teachers) or for KU administrative units (e.g., departments or research programs). The site license only allows use the software on university owned computers.

The HEAK Student License allows students to install ERDAS Imagine on their personal computers. A one year license is $100.

What is Remote Sensing and Image Processing?

Remote sensing, in the broadest sense, is the process of observing objects from a distance. More specifically, remote involves data gathering from airborne and spaceborne cameras and imaging instruments. Image processing refers to the extensive array of software tools for enhancing, classifying (mapping), and managing geo-referenced image data. Applications of remote sensing are many and varied, and can be found in virtually every academic subject. Visit the website The Remote Sensing Core Curriculum for more information about remote sensing and image processing.

Why ERDAS Imagine?

Teaching and training in image processing techniques at KU have been conducted with ERDAS Imagine software since the early 1980s. ERDAS, Inc. is recognized as a world leader in image processing and its products have become an industry standard. ERDAS' flagship product, ERDAS Imagine, is widely recognized as a powerful and complete image processing package. Visit the ERDAS website for more information about image processing, ERDAS Imagine, and ERDAS Imagine add-on products.

Site Licence Fee Schedule

The Higher Education Annual Kit provides a one-year license for ERDAS Imagine software. Operating systems supported include both Unix and Windows workstations. There are a number of Levels at which a university may participate as indicated in the following table.

Option Annual Fee Number of Licenses
Level 1 $3,500 15
Level 2 $5,000 30
Level 3 $7,500 60
Level 4 $10,000 100
Level 5 $15,000 175
Level 6 $20,000 300
Currently, KU is participating at the Level 3 option. Contact the HEAK program Site Administrator for current campus pricing.

Software included under the HEAK:
  • IMAGINE Professional which includes: Viewer, Import/Export, Raster Editor, Map Composer, Mosaic, Image Interpreter, Spatial Modeler, Model Maker, Classification, Rectification, Image Catalog, Radar Interpreter, and On-line Documentation
  • IMAGINE Vector
  • IMAGINE VirtualGIS

Software NOT included under the HEAK and fee per license:
  • IMAGINE Developer's Toolkit ($1,000)
  • IMAGINE OrthoMax Professional ($2,000)
  • IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier ($1,000)

What's Covered

Assessed fees cover access to software, all upgrades, and online documentation. One copy of the distribution media is provided to each participating department/unit.

Support for ERDAS Imagine software is coordinated by the Site Administrator. Support questions are initially sent (email preferred) to the Site Administrator who forwards the questions to ERDAS Inc. ERDAS Inc will then contact the unit/individual requesting support to resolve the problem.

What's Not Covered

Hard copy documentation is not included. Media installation kits that include hard copy documentation and distribution media may be purchased according to the discounted HEAK license fee schedule. Individual volumes for documentation also may be purchased according to a discounted fee schedule. The site license contract offers substantial discounts for other ERDAS Imagine software, books, and training. Contact the Site Administrator for pricing.

Contact Information

Please send inquires concerning participation in the ERDAS HEAK program or technical questions to the Site Administrator:

Jerry Whistler
Research Associate
Kansas Applied Remote Sensing
phone: 785-864-1513
fax: 785-864-1534