ERDAS Imagine

The goal of the ERDAS Imagine Desktop Educational Program is to ensure that image processing technology is available for research and teaching at the University of Kansas (KU). This is accomplished by providing faculty, staff, and students with cost-effective access to a broad array of image processing technology, including the industry standard ERDAS Imagine software, under the Hexagon Geospation Desktop Educational Program.

Esri - ArcGIS

Welcome to the University of Kansas ESRI Higher Education Site License home page. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology is an interdisciplinary tool, and at KU ESRI products are used in many academic departments, research units, and museums. A wonderful variety of applications using GIS can be found on campus that serve to illustrate how pervasive geospatial tools have become in our every day activities. This site is dedicated to informing the KU GIS community about the availability and terms of use for ESRI software. You, as a member of that community, have a vested interest in seeing that this site ...