Natural Resource Planner

Kansas Natural Resource Planner update, 2013
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Published September 20, 2018
Location Kansas
Categories Lakes, Land Cover, Streams, Water Resources, Wetlands, Wildlife Management
Author Mike Houts
License Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives - Creative Commons License


The Kansas Natural Resource Planner was designed to depict general areas of conservation sensitivity.   It can be used to serve as a guide for the siting of wind farms, oil and gas fields, transmission lines, and other landscape-altering structures. The data here is an accumulation of custom data and data available from different organizations across the state, and is presented here as an organized, assessable, and unbiased resource for people.


The information presented is based on the collective judgment of all the groups contributing and is not intended to be prejudiced in favor of, or against, any specific form of development. This map, and the data contained therein, is for general planning purposes only. Any final decisions should be based on actual field investigation as well as consultation with appropriate agencies and organizations (i.e. Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Kansas Biological Survey, The Kansas Natural Heritage Program, The Nature Conservancy) as a more thorough review and investigation of variables could impact a proposed project.

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