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Published August 9, 2017
Location Kansas
Categories Agriculture, Land Cover
Author Kansas Biological Survey
License Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives - Creative Commons License


The Kansas Land Cover Map Project is a collection of satellite-based land cover classifications for the state of Kansas. growing seasons in:

Growing season: 1989-1990 Dataset: Kansas Land Cover 1990 Level I

Growing season: 2004-2005 Datasets: Kansas Land Cover 2005 Level I and Level IV

Growing season: 2014-2015 Dataset: Kansas Land Cover 2015  Level I

The same source data was used for all four datasets, Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM). Data are classified using the Anderson Level-IV hierarchy. The use of similar methodology for all datasets allows end-users to identify and examine changes in the Kansas landscape.

All datasets displayed in the mapping application are available at the Kansas Biological Survey Metadata/Catalog:  here.

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