Kansas Lakes and Reservoirs

Council Grove Reservoir, Morris County, Kansas. Picture by Scott Campbell.
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Published January 27, 2016
Location Kansas
Categories Lakes, Water Resources
Author Stephen Egbert
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The mission of the Kansas Lakes and Reservoirs data portal is to serve as a central point for users to obtain current and historical data about Kansas lakes and reservoirs.  Rather than serving as a data repository, the portal is a dynamic connection to directly access datasets housed and maintained by various agencies and groups.  The portal brings these datasets into a mapping application for direct viewing and data download.

For questions about the Kansas Lakes and Reservoirs Project please contact:

Bathymetry Scott Campbell 785-864-1502 swcamp@ku.edu
Chemistry Debbie Baker 785-864-1551 dbaker@ku.edu
  Don Huggins 785-864-1548
GIS Jude Kastens 785-864-1519 jkastens@ku.edu
Mapping application Gina Ross 785-864-1524 ginaross@ku.edu

Copies of the Atlas of Kansas Lakes are available from the Kansas Geological Survey, which is coordinating with the Biological Survey on sales and distribution of the Atlas. The cost of the book is $25 per copy, plus tax, shipping and handling. Contact the Kansas Geological Survey at 1930 Constant Ave., 785-864-3965, or by email; or at 4150 W. Monroe St., Wichita 67209-2640; 316-943-2343, or by email.


Council Grove Reservoir picture by: Scott Campbell/Kansas Biological Survey.

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