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Published August 11, 2020
Location United States
Categories Agriculture, Infrastructure Management, Land Cover, Technology Commercialization, Water Resources
Authors John Lomas, Jude Kastens
License Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives - Creative Commons License


The GreenReport®

The Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program (KARS) uses satellite data to produce a weekly map series called the GreenReport®, which illustrates current and relative vegetation conditions and trends for the conterminous U.S. Since 2002, KARS has also used these satellite data to forecast district, state, and national level crop yields for eight major crops in the U.S.

The advantage of displaying satellite-based vegetation information in map form is that locally specific growing conditions can be ascertained. The GreenReport® combines current satellite data with historic data to present a more complete picture of vegetation condition and progress. The data archive underlying the GreenReport extends back to 1989. The raw data used for the GreenReport® are produced and distributed by the USGS EROS Data Center.

GreenReport® maps (which are updated on a weekly basis throughout the growing season) present five different views of current vegetative condition:

• current greenness (NDVI)
• greenness change from the previous week
• difference from the same week last year
• difference from the long-term average greenness for the week

Since 2008, the GreenReport® maps have been featured in Planalytics’ Insight newsletters. Planalytics is a commercial partner of KARS through Lawrence-based TerraMetrics Agriculture, Inc. Planalytics also features KARS crop yield forecasts in their Life Sciences product line, in the form of biweekly, pre-harvest crop reports that integrate satellite and weather intelligence to assess the current outlook for U.S. winter wheat, corn, and soybean crops.

For more information about the GreenReport®, contact John Lomas ( For inquiries regarding the companion crop yield forecasts, contact Jude Kastens ( To learn more about the GreenReport® and yield forecasting products provided by Planalytics, contact Jed Lafferty ( or 610-854-2245).

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