Geospatial Data

Geospatial data is the foundation of KBS and KARS research activites. Utilizing satellite-based remote sensing, KARS specializes in modeling the spatial distribution of environmental phenomenon. Researching landscape-scale processes requires data on topography, hydrology, soils, vegetation, animals, and cultural features. Because the data is geographical in nature, maps provide the best format for viewing and analyzing the data.

Our goal is to increase access to the reserves of geospatial data used at KBS and KARS. As such, we are offering our geospatial data in a variety of formats: web mapping applications, web services, GIS data formats, and the KML format used by Google Earth. The links below provide access to our 'Maps' page where all of the web mapping applications are listed, the 'Metadata Catalog' that contains all the GIS and KML formats, and the 'Web Services' page.