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Statistics and numerical analysis


Jude Kastens is a Research Associate Professor at the Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program (KARS). In 2008, he completed his Ph.D. in Mathematics, focusing on statistical cross validation and floodplain mapping. He received a M.A. in Mathematics in 1999, focusing on numerical analysis and signal processing, and has been employed at KARS since then. He received a B.A. in Mathematics and a B.S.E. in Secondary Education from the University of Kansas in 1996. Jude also has over 12 years of experience working on the Kastens family farm in Rawlins County in northwest Kansas, and each summer goes back to help with the wheat harvest.

Research Interests

Jude is a numerical analyst and all-purpose data modeler with extensive experience working with MATLAB, ESRI ArcMap and ERDAS Imagine software. The focus of his work with the Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program involves using remote sensing data for agricultural applications such as crop yield forecasting, but his work extends to database management, hydrologic modeling, land cover change detection and ecological modeling.


Dam Breach Modeling for Medium and High Hazard Dams in Kansas--Work Statement #2

Jan. 2010 - present Kansas

Dam Breach Modeling for Medium and High Hazard Dams in Kansas--Work Statement #1

Jan. 2010 - present Kansas

Reservoir-Off-Stream Storage Siting in Eastern Kansas

Jan. 2010 - present Eastern Kansas

FLDPLN Model Software Development

Jan. 2010 - present Kansas

Remote Sensing-Based Evaluation of Vegetation Indices

Jan. 2008 - present Kansas

Statistical Analysis of Historical Data for Assessment of Small Value Crop Monitoring

Jan. 2008 - Dec. 2008 Statewide

Watershed Classification System for Tiered Diagnosis of Biological Impairments: A Scalable, Central Plains Focus with National Applicability

March 2003 - March 2007 EPA Region 7 (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska)

Research in the Incubation of Commercial Remote Sensing Products

Jan. 2002 - Dec. 2003 Statewide

Interaction Between Land Cover/Land Use Dynamics and Climatological Variability in the Western Oklahoma/Kansas/Texas Indicator Region

Jan. 1997 - Jan. 2001 Regional




September 21, 2021 United States
Soy next to forest in Mato Grosso, Brazil

Mato Grosso Land Cover

June 13, 2017 Mato Grosso, Brazil
Western Kansas Potential Playa Areas (image by Jude Kastens)

Kansas Playas

June 8, 2017 Kansas
City of Brady in Texas

Reconstructing the Texas Flood of 1938

November 9, 2010 Texas
Image taken from the Depth to Flood - Eastern Kansas web mapping application.

Depth To Flood Eastern Kansas

September 25, 2009 Eastern Kansas
Web mapping application created to display the various inundation levels of Perry Lake, KS.

Perry Lake Extents

August 11, 2009 Jefferson County
Screen shot of the Clinton Lake Extents web mapping application

Clinton Lake Extents

July 1, 2009 Douglas County

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