KDWPT Partnership

In 2001, a cooperative agreement between the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) and the Kansas Applied Remote Sensing (KARS) Program at the University of Kansas was created to provide KDWPT access to the benefits of GIS technology without having to develop a computer lab and train their personnel to be both biologists and GIS specialists.

Advantages of a cooperative agreement between KDWPT and KARS

· Provides KDWPT access to the latest GIS/RS technology without having to invest large amounts of time and money to develop a computer lab.

· KARS has the latest software, expertly trained personnel, and is a central location available to all of KDWPT

· GIS software has a learning curve, and if it is not used every day, it is hard to become proficient.

· GIS is a rapidly changing field. Staying current with the latest technology and methods is a full time career.

· Allow KDWPT access to the benefits of geospatial technologies without having to train their personnel to be both biologists and GIS specialists

Since the partnership began, a variety of projects have utilized this added resource and taken advantage of the scale and efficiency that GIS can bring to projects. From state wide wildlife distribution maps, to custom local mapping applications, GIS and remote sensing have provided useful information to resource managers to assist with the decision making process.