KARS Program offices and laboratories are located in Takeru Higuchi Hall located on West Campus. KARS' Digital Image Processing and GIS Laboratories support digital processing and classification of digital imagery, GIS modeling, geographic data base creation, cartographic production, statistical analysis, and computer graphics. These facilities provide our staff with a unique capacity for integrated natural resources analysis and modeling.

Computers and Graphics

  • 35+ Windows workstations
  • 1Gbps local area network (kars.ku.edu)
  • connection to the Internet II high-speed network node at the University of Kansas
  • over 10 terabytes of local disk storage
  • HP T790 DesignJet large-format ink jet plotter
  • Xerox 7500 tabloid-size color laser printer
  • tape drives supporting a variety of formats (8mm, 4mm, QIC)
  • document and transparency/slide scanners
  • Video scanning system for estimating Leaf Area Index


  • ERDAS Imagine, a completely integrated software package for analysis of digital imagery, including LPS software an integrated suite of photogrammetry tools for automated generation of digital elevation models, and raster GIS modeling
  • ESRI's ArcGIS, a comprehensive GIS software package that provides powerful spatial analysis and cartographic capabilities
  • statistical analysis software packages, including MATLAB, SPSS, S-Plus, and CART

Field Equipment

  • Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD) Personnel Spectrometer II (380-1075nm); 512 bands (ca. 1.4nm wide) from the ultra-violet to the near-infrared
  • ASD FieldSpec FR Spectroradiometer (350-2500nm); 2,250 bands from the ultra-violet to the middle-infrared
  • several Garmin Survey 100 GPS (global positioning system) receivers
  • Li-Cor LAI-2000 Plant Canopy Analyzer
  • Decagon Sunfleck and AccuPAR Ceptometers for light interception measurement
  • Decagon First Growth digital cover camera
  • Applied Microsystems, Ltd. Aquatic Fluorometer
  • Conventional field measurement equipment (i.e., compasses, clinometers, tapes, etc.)
  • A fleet of field vehicles for field research and travel to meetings


Reference Library

  • over 500 texts and subscriptions to 20 professional journals and periodicals

Aerial and Satellite Photography Library

  • a variety of prints, transparencies, and slides covering the entire state of Kansas and surrounding areas
  • large scale (1:24,0000) and small scale (1:100,000 and larger) USGS topographic maps covering the state

Digital Data Library

  • multi-date Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) imagery for the entire state
  • hundreds of cloud-reduced AVHRR bi-weekly composites of the continental US dating from 1989-present
  • over 40 Landsat MSS and SPOT scenes
  • USGS SLAR radar data covering locations throughout the United States